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Estate Work

We provide estate solutions on an international level

Cederwalls offers legal expertise in inheritance law and estate planning, focusing on individuals and families with connections to both Sweden and the United States. We have many years of experience dealing with international inheritance and estate matters including trusts and helping our clients understand and fulfill their rights and obligations under inheritance and estate law.

Cederwalls is at your service to help you navigate the complex aspects of inheritance law and ensure that your wishes and desires are respected. Our team of legal experts provides tailored solutions in areas such as will drafting, trust matters, estate administration, inheritance disputes, and more. We also have experience facilitating discussions with authorities at an international level.

Cederwalls has experience in common legal matters such as:

  • Will drafting and interpretation
  • Estate administration and inheritance distribution
  • Trusts
  • International inheritance law and double taxation treaties

Our strength is helping people understand and navigate the tax ramifications of differing inheritance laws between Sweden and the United States.

Contact our Estate group:

Saga Renbäck
Manager & Head of Estate
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