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Helping people navigate the legal world

Jennifer Cederwall founded Cederwalls in 2008.  It was born out of a desire to help Americans and Swedes living or doing business on foreign soil.  During Jennifer’s years of practice in Pennsylvania, she came across many people and companies facing difficulties related to their new home or business endeavors.  They faced real difficulties based on cultural differences or were confused by the jungle of red tape related to taxes and business transactions.

In 2006 Jennifer moved to Sweden with her husband and three young children.  She worked for a Swedish law firm and soon realized that Americans were having the same problems here, but more than that, they were also having a hard time knowing how to navigate the US tax rules while living abroad.  She realized that these two groups had a lot in common, and even better, that she could help them, since she had been on both sides.  Thus Cederwalls was born.  At the time of this writing, we have grown from one American attorney to a full-fledged law firm with eight employees. We now work in central Stockholm.  We represent over 2000 clients from all different backgrounds and with all different needs.  The one thing that most of our clients have in common is that they have cross-border lives or businesses.

Cederwalls’ mission is “Helping people navigate the legal world” and it truly is our passion. All the attorneys here are dedicated to finding the right solutions for our clients to make their multi-country venture a little less daunting. We bridge the gap and help navigate the different regulatory worlds.  We are multi-cultural and most of us have lived or studied in other countries.  We understand firsthand how hard it can be to make sense of a new country’s laws, or to figure out how to comply with requirements from more than one regulatory authority.

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